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My Gangsta Journal
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Below are the 17 most recent journal entries recorded in czarzelinsky's LiveJournal:

Saturday, July 16th, 2005
7:11 am
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Barney owns!
I do drink Soy milk
haha mexicans....gogo Minutemen

Current Mood: Tired as shit
Saturday, June 25th, 2005
6:22 pm
well, I'll be off
Well guys, Im'a gonna be off.

I am going to California, specifically Stanford, to take a couple classes.AP US Government and Politics and Honors Speech Communication. It is from June 26-July 21. After that is over I am going to Colorado Springs for a couple days and seeing all my old friends. Wil Cocke, Tudor Gradinariu, Matt and John Polka, Michael Sikorski, Alex Farhenbruch, Austin Herdt, and maybe Max Fleck.

The past 2 weeks have been a whole lot of fun. I have spent a hella lota time with Cayce, which is good. I read her journals and gave her mine to update and such. She gave me a couple parting gifts as well, a cute necklace that has her name on a rice bead in a vial, and a letter that I must open on the airplane. I feel bad about leaving her here, but what can I do? I have spent the last 6 months preparing for this and I cannot give up now :'(

I saw Batman Begins, and let me just say this so I dont kill the movie for those who havent seen it.....FUCK YES....great movie. Damn good. Awesome! Fantastic!

Now me and my family (as good-bye celebration) went to Din Ho, got good food, and are about to watch Spinal Tap and the sequel.

I am looking greatly forwards to Stanford and hopefully I will be able to update this.

Current Mood: eh, not bad
Sunday, June 19th, 2005
8:11 am
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Current Mood: sick and not enjoying it
Friday, June 17th, 2005
4:18 pm
Me: "Councilor, I am in need of therapy"
Councilor: "Therapy, what is wrong?"
Me: "I am in need of sexual healing"

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Current Mood: hehe, councilor=sexual healing
4:05 pm
I need to show this based on basic principle

hahaha, my mate is Cayce...but I lost my genetalia

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Wednesday, June 15th, 2005
7:55 am
weeeeeeeee! yesterday fun!
Yesterday was prolly one of my best days of the summmer, no joke.

I woke up at the ass crack of dawn and did my job at Ben and Jeremy Holland's house (dogsitting) then got back home and got ready to go to chris'

I went to Chris' and just kinda hung out for about a half hour. Then we went to go pick up Cayce and her siblings, Jim (9) and Amanda (12). That was fun and I got to cuddle with Cayce on the ride back.

Then we got to Chris' and we were put to slave labour. We cleaned out the Zehner's garage (needed badly) For my efforts I got $15 while Cayce and Chris got $25 as I stopped and swam for a time. It was indeed a good reward/

Then at about 1:00, we all stopped working and had fun!
cayce, chris, jim, amanada, Katherine, and I all swam for a
bit. Again, me and cayce had a lot of fun fun time.

Then we all went inside and watched Hook, until Cayce pulled me away for a...conversation. Damn its good to be me

After that we all kinda just hung out for about an hour

then, we went to see the new documentary film "Mad Hot Ballroom" a documentary about Ballroom Dancing in New Yahk. It was wonderful.

then we went to Chris' house and I went home.

So all in all, it was a magnificent day

Current Mood: Loved :)
Tuesday, June 7th, 2005
11:02 pm
Today (Cayce and stuff)
Well, today was fun! I got up early and went with my mom over to Chris' house. Where we just chilled until 9. Then we all went down to South Austin to pick up "the girls" Everything went without a hitch.....but we did get pulled over....Speeding ticket lol.

cayce and megan were surprised (pleasently I think) with my new haircut, as I have cut 3 inches off. I met Cayce's siblings who all seem great. Amanda has a personality which is more then I can say of Chris' sister Katherine. Jim is also a great kid, very hyper which can be good (as well as bad at certain moments) he asked us when me and cayce we're cuddling, "Are you making out" which killed any intention. I then heard my "other mom" Chris' mom, say something that destroyed my prospect of having a hard-on for the next 50 years

anyways. We swam a lot and it was just a fun time!

good day. I will also be sleeping over at Chris' and having a good time

Current Mood: good
10:13 pm
Week at UT
Well, again, I haven't updated in a while so I will again describe my past weeks.

From May 30-June 2, I was at the 2005 Texas Symposium on Leadership and Politics which like a JSA supra convention (slightly modified as well)

Let me describe it, from Monday-Thurs

Registry and Orientation-explaining what we're gonna do, etc.
during this time I met with all my JSA buddies, Joe, Ben, Jeremy, Joshua, etc
I also found my room and unpacked at the Jester Dorm
later on, we all went to the LBJ library. There we had our first series of speakers. We had Steve McCraw, who is the Director of Homeland Security. (scary douchebag) we also had Ken Matwuczak, a teacher? from LBJ, he was really cool. After that we took a tour of the area.
Then we went to watch the documentary "Last Man Standing: Politics, Texas Style" by Paul Steckler (Jewish :) )

Had breakfast and swiftly went to the capitol.
There we had the 2nd series of speakers. Senator Leticia Van DePutte, senator who led democrats out of Texas) she was really cool! Represenative Charles "Doc" Anderson (seemed pretty boring), Representative.....MARK STRAMA....OMG HES SO MAN! Mark Strama is a pretty individual and was my favorite speaker. I also managed to talk to him 1 on 1 after his speech and discuss the possibility of an internship, let me say this....odds are good...actually kinda fixed as he told me would give me position, especially when his campaign came along. Then we had Bill Miller and Senator Jeff Wentworth who I thought were both dumb.


Speaker Series 3
James Huffins-okay, not very awesome
Will Harrell=freakishly liberal, good speaker but very one sided

dinner, other stuff

additional speakers:
2 office aids of influential members of the Senate.
they were incredibly stupid. They contradicted themselves twice on the School Vouchers bill, and I had to keep asking questions to get them to respond ><

Governor, Lt. Gov., and Speaker of the House answer questions and talk about JSA in the hopes of convincing the 120 non JSAers to become a part of JSA. (only 15 JSA people were there)

I had a debate against Ben Holland, my good friend and the Speaker of the House of Texas JSA. Debate=Resolved, Texas should not allow minors to be able to bypass parental notification in order to obtain an abortion. I had to debate on the Christian Republican side....(SHIT)
I somehow managed to win (Ben blamed it on the Republican crowd)

Breakfast....went to Bush (Senior) Library. Very nice! Our most appreciated speaker was Jim Olsen, a former CIA operative in Russia. Let me tell you something....HES A FRIGGEN GOD. He told us of one of his missions, very graphically and let me tell you something. CIA is for real and I will never disrespect it again. This guy was magnificent. He had deep thoughts as well as the basic information. Then we had lunch and then a series of crappy speakers who were mostly affiliated with the library, except one guy. He was the first US Ambassador to Ukraine (as it had recently broke off of USSR)He was pretty good and I asked a great question.

"As the first US Ambassador to Ukraine, you most assuredly have more expierence of the region then many. What was your reaction to the Yuchenko incident, what will happen and please explain the incident to any of us who may not know."
I won an award for that question
just to any of you readers, Yuchenko was the candidate for Ukraine's presedency, during the election, he was poisoned and his candidate won though illegit means. Riots took place which were labled as the "Orange Revolution" and Yuchenko won.

then we got home and WENT TO THE DANCE...YEOW
The first thing I did when we got to the Union Underground was get my fill of video games and bowling, I did pretty good.
Finally, I gathered myself and went upstairs to the dance. I danced with several girls and a couple boys...dammit Josh. I danced with Anne and Amrapali (spelling, sry) it was fun, even though it was grinding >< ironically, I only danced with JSA people...curious....I also tried to dance with Tanya...the Hollandses Sister. It failed though :'( On the way home from the dance it was also real fun. We sang random songs and just had a good time as we walked back to the dorms. After that all the guys stayed up till late! to talk about.....various stuff O.o


We went back to the capitol...then me and about 6 other people were personally selected to interview the Budget Director...problem was he wasn't there, so we talked to the Assistant Director who seemed like a good guy until he talked about how property taxes are so much better then Income taxes which is retarded when so many people are getting laid off.

Then we got back, right as Paul Burka ended, which made me mad cause I wanted to listen to him. We then heard Brock Gregg (Director of Governmental Relations) and then.....PAUL STEKLER (JEWISH FILM DIRECTOR) He was the best speaker of the day (except maybe Paul Burka who I did not hear) and talked about his unique view of Texas politics. btw. hes the guy that directed the documentary I watched earlier in the week.

After that we all had lunch and prepared for graduation

I hung around the Resident Assitants mostly. Ryan Cox, James Longhoffer, Stephen Stephonian, Tanya Holland, Shelby, Laruen Beck. There were all awesome and I got to hang with them while they read all the reviews.

Then graduation! it was fun! thats all Im gonna say. Although, I di get the loudest scream when I went to the stage...."D2 we love you"

and that was my week at UT

Current Mood: bouncy
10:06 pm
School at end
hey guys, sorry I havent updated in a hell of a while but I am......now

Let me describe what happened since May 23.

Okay, after that crrazzzzy sunday, I had to go back to school and have finals galore.

On Monday, I had Health and German. Health I got a 94% on. German I got a 77% and was hella hard.

*after school, me and the officers of our JSA chapter (plus the Hollandses) went to Mr. Gattis and discussed Financial future possibilites.*

On Tuesday, I had English and History. English I got a 90%. History I got a high 80, I dont remember exactly.

Nothing besides Finals really happened these days.

On Wednesday I had Math and Connections. Math I got a....................*drum roll* 70% WEE WEE I PASSED! Connections I got a 100%
after school, chris and I went to Zilker park to meet our gfs. Megan was there.....but no cayce >< basically I had a mediocre time feeling awkward and bored until as we were about to leave, we spotted Cayce trotting along. We called and found out she had had a tough afternoon and so yay, afternoon much better for me cause I got to spend SOME time with her.

and that was my last week of 9th grade
Monday, May 23rd, 2005
7:52 am
This past weekend
In short this weekend was magnificent incarnate.
Nothing happened really, went to library and shopping with Mother, turned out nice.

SATURDAY!: BOOSYAHS!: Woke up, had Life Cinnamon (yummy) and then did stuff for a long time. LIKE FIXING MY COMP THAT GOD AIDS, HERPES, CHLAMYDIA, etc. Yeah, my comp died so I reformatted it and was busy installing stuff but now it runs 5x faster so yay! At 12. I went shopping with my Mommie again to get yummer foods. At 1:30 we got home to find Chris there. yay! I was planning a big party? with Megan, Chris, Cayce, and I and to watch some movie right before we go and see Star Wars 3. :) It turned out very nice and the movie we watched was spaceballs. The whole time was very nice with Cayce right next to me and yeah.....

anyways, at about 4:00 we all went to the theatre to see SW3. Let me explain it this way as to not tell the movie to anyone who hasnt seen it. FUCKING AWESOME!!! RIVALS RETURN OF THE JEDI!!!!!!!!!BETTER THEN FIRST 2 NEW FUCKTARD MOVIES!

after that, we all went to Chris' house, and spent a little time hanging out, and from there to the dance. It was real nice and they even had a live band that was pretty good. It was fun, yay! Only problem is that people keep asking me to stop rubbsing their nipples and I feel abandoned. ><

Sunday: spent day updating/playing computer. All fixed now, dling all my music back, trying to get Diablo CD, etc. Pretty boring but still nice after last night :)



*plays "The Imperial March"*

"The Dark side is strong with this one"
"You don't know the power of the darkside"
"The shroud of the dark side has fallen, begun the Clone Wars have"
"Never underestimate the powers of the dark side"
"I will go to Kyyshack, good relations to the Wookies, I have"
"The Democratic Republic falls to a Fascist Empire with thunderous applause"

Current Mood: weeeee! STAR WARS IS BACK!!!!!
Sunday, May 15th, 2005
7:11 pm
Friday-Sunday May 13-15 (FRIGGEN AWESOME)
Well this is how my weekend went:

Friday: found out nobody was going to dance lessons on friday, felt bad. :'(
Found out I could sleep over at Chris' on Saturday and Cayce and Megan might have as well O.o

Saturday: got up early, went out garage sailing with Dad and got 4 golf balls, 2 good books, and SPACEBALLS! later went to chris' at about 1:00, worked on h.w, got a lot done then found out cayce and megan could NOT sleep over with us >< :'(
at 4:00 cayce and megan arrived and we promptly went to chris' dungeoun, I mean living room to watch "Phantom of the Opera" I got to cuddle with Cayce for about 2 hrs, and it was moi funno considering that I was laying with cayce in a chair the size of me :p cayce has soft hair.......soffftiee...
After the movie finished, cayce, chris, megan, and I went swimming but were promptly interrupted by a pack of snarling 3rd graders who kept stealing my cayce away >< while I was swimming I pulled a leg muscle but managed to get cayce to massage it which made all pain go away......until she left >< but anyways
me and cayce had a wonderful time. one point she and I were on Chris' bed and to make a long story shorter we had lots of "fun" :P we even managed to kiss underwater which I realized just now was what she kept saying that I had remembered (long story) then she had to go and I managed to really meet her mother, shes really a wild type I think. Really nice and "cool" (for an adult) but after they left I kinda just played SC or CS until 4:00 AM

Sunday: woke up, had to go to sunday school, (ANNOYING AS HELL WITH ALL THE IDIOT KIDS) and got back and gabe, chris, and I had a mini LAN party. fun fun fun!

the highlight of the weekend, cayce and I in the pool!!! fun!!!!!!

~~~The Czar

Current Mood: hyped on choko
Sunday, May 1st, 2005
10:07 pm
JSA convention
Immediatly after school, Ben Holland, Jeremy Holland, Alex P, Matt Kennedy, Garret Belk, Charlie Grand, Any Williamson, and I went with Ben and Jeremy's parents to Houston. On the way tehre we stopped by Whataburger and I broke Passover for a nice chicken sandwhich (i am burning in hell already for it ><) Finally we got in Houston and we went into the nice hotel and basically went to sleep.

We woke up ass early and went to go eat breakfast. I went to Starbucks with Andy and got a frap. and a pastry to which my parents said, "You suck" and looked down with envy. After breakfast we started the opening ceremony where each candidate announced his or her intention for runnng for office. I was planning on running for Senator. After that, we went to the blocks. I debated in about 4 of them and got close to a best speaker in one. After that we went to lunch at the Galleria where I went to Chili's with Jeremy Wainright, John Furlow, Chamille, and 3 other girls. It was awesome :) After that we had several mroe debates and then we went to various places for Dinner. I went to chick-fillet with Neeraj and Matt Garcia, Michael Ansel tagged along as well. FINALLY, Statewide leadership elections took place. Results: For Speaker of the House: Ben Holland. For Lieutenant Govenor: Sarah Longhoffer. For Govenor: JOE JOHNSON! The only real upset was the Lieutenant Govenor. I was sure Neeraj would win, hes a great kid. Then the dance took place, I jsut stayed in my room and watched "Little Shop of Horrors" Then, after the dance I had to switch rooms with Jordan Furchill.............OMFG!!!! We couldn't find garrett anywhere and we pounded on the door and had to get hotel security to open it up where we found garret like dead to the world. Finally I went to sleep.

woke up even earlier and went to the $5 breakfast which was pretty bad >< We talked about summer programs and then went to a block. I just kinda roamed cause I was jittery about regional elections. FINALLY! REGIONAL ELECTIONS! I went to the Austin Room and waited for everything to begin. Finally, all senators gave 2 min speeches, mine was okay better then at least 2 other people's. The election results came, I got up expecting it and........SHOT DOWN! I lost >< I LOST I LOST I LOST >< >< >< ><
then vice-mayor elections started. Phillip (a great kid) was nominated and for a while noone else was, and they were bout to close it and announce Phillip as Vice-Mayor be default when low and behold Andy nominated me as Vice-Mayor. I gave an amped up speech and waited. Waited, waited, waited. Finally the announcment came. "And your ACR Vioe-Mayor is......D2!!!!" I WAS SO HAPPY AND CONFUZED LIKE A MOFO! Somehow I lost senator then went up a rank and won O.o so i am really happy and mellow right now. After that we had closing ceremony, I got announced in, and we left.

Sunday, April 17th, 2005
9:07 am
Friday and Saturday
Wow, this might have been the best weekend of my LIFE!!!!
Lets recite the tale of Friday first.
Well, I went to School....realized I had forgotten my lunch, but besides that eh. All my periods pretty much flashed by until I got to 4th period. I was real bumed and worked as best I could on my homework. I started getting a sugar rush (even with no sugar) and then an office aid came in and I said, "Your not the teacher." and she kinda brushed me off then asked to see David Zelinsky. What are the odds! My mom pulled me out of class to take me out to lunch! We went to Wally's and I got some good food and.....2 32 ounce sodas. I WAS WIRED THE REST OF THE DAY!!!!! Finally we got out of school. I went home and just kinda chilled. Then I got all my stuff together and made my way to Chris'. I got there and walked in (I was in a bad mood cause....idk) and all the sudden there is a chorus of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" IT SCARED THE LIVING SHIT OUTTA ME!!!!!! Katherine gave me a nice present (prolly the best): 72 hours of no harrassment. So ya, then Chris and I went to Dance lessons and met up with Cayce and Megan. Although Cayce *claims* she had a sunburn, she looked just fine to me :)
Well, we learned the "cuddle" in East Coast Swing and Cayce and I had a totally awesome time. I managed to spin Cayce 4 times consecutivly so ya. I think I had a bit of trouble figuring out the Cuddle but besides that it was just fine. After dance lessons, I was promptly challenged to a game of Ping Pong. I think I did pretty good against Barbara. But then Tom came out and to make a long story short.....HE OWNED MY ASS. Then I finally quit and got to cuddle with Cayce which is ALWAYS fun. I definitly had a good time with Cayce :) :) :) After the dance lessons, Clint, Chris and I went out to Taos (spelling?) and had some Gelano (spelling?) and that was totally awesome.

so ya that was my friday: NOW TO SATURDAY!
Chris and I woke up, and just kinda hung out until 11:45. then we made our way to my house for my family b-day. We didnt do much for the first hour but after it was real fun! For food we had gourmet burgers that a friend of the family, Lewis, made. THEY WERE AWESOME!! Then we had an ice cream cake that my Mommie made....it was yummy. Here's a list of presents I got for my b-day which was perhaps the most successful b-day ever!

Lewis: Star Wars: Clone Wars (DVD first season)
Helene and Elisha: $18 to half price bookstore
Mom and Dad: Digital Camera and MP3 Player
Chris: DVDS: Finding Neverland, Return of the Jedi, A New Hope, Big Fish, and a Steven King book.
Cayce: Handcuffs and lazer sword
Megan: dog collar saying "Snookumis"---latin of Snookems :p
Uncle Jay and Aunt Patty: $16


the rest of saturday was spent at "Blazer-Tag" which was awesome, we played 3 games in which my rank of 30 was 4,7,6. I think Megan liked her gifts especially the popper :P
Cayce and I had an awesome time there, we managed to cuddle and *stuff*. Cayce gave me shoulder massage and it felt really good :) Now I just have to teach her poker, next Friday most likely I will bring a nice set of cards.

Sunday, April 10th, 2005
12:27 pm
Saturday Night Live from Me
well, saturday was definitly fun! I went to San Antonio at 8:00 and debated several issues including whether or not states should have the right to sucede from the Union. I WON BEST SPEAKER for that!!!! Well the rest of the day in San Antonio went pretty fast but it seems that over the summer, instead of going to Georgetown Univ, I will be going to Stanford for the better classes. I also found out that my race for Senator is very hopeful with St. Mary backing me up.

Anyways, I got back and went almost straight to Chris' and we went dancing. It was very cool, I managed to dance I think 3-4 times but Chris kept bitching at me to do more. Alexander (shy kid at dance) managed to open up a bit which was impressive. It was kinda lonely without Cayce but it was still fun. After the dance (11) Paul, Susan, Barbara, Brenda, Clint, Chris, and I went to Shay Zee (spelling?) and had fun till pretty late. I had the Fettucini Alfredo and Kuhula Crunch. TOO MUCH FOOD, next time Im just getting a desert ><. So yeah. other then that, everything went great.

I miss Cayce >

Current Mood: me be coolio
Friday, April 8th, 2005
10:54 pm
today was pretty cool. EXCEPT FOR THE FIRST HALF. I think I bombed my Math test but no way for me to be sure. After 5th period everything went fine. I went w/ Chris to his house and we stopped by Wally's. Dancing was fun but it was a bit lonely w/o Cayce....:(
Tommorow is convention in San Antonio for JSA....W00T

Current Mood: pretty cool
Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
1:43 pm
Time spent at Megan's
OMFG I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE LAST NIGHT.....it started at 3:30 PM where I made my way to Chris' house and played some Diablo and UT2004 for a tad. when clint and chris got home we made our way to Megan's house. I got there and was happy to see Cayce and Megan there waiting for us. We went inside and began figuring out what movie we wanted to see. We decided on Finding Neverland and I REALLY REALLY LOVED IT, and the things I did with Cayce during it. I.e tickling, MASSAGE!!!!!, and such. After that we decided to turn on the pretty scary "Feardotcom" which Cayce got freaked out of. So I had to hold her....jeez the sacrifices I make >< That part made my week/month/year much better. I haven't been so happy since my Bar Mitzvah in May 24, 2003.

I am so happy!

Current Mood: HYPER AND LOVE
Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
7:33 pm

It all started on, Friday. I was invited to go to Dave and Buster's with my best friend Chris, I eagerly accepted as I had never been there before. There I had a blast, and managed to meet these 2, very wild girls. Cayce and Megan. Didn't really talk to them, as I am always shy around new people.

Then on Friday Night, while I slept over at Chris', Megan, Cayce, and I had the most interesting, conversationg ever, and in that period of 7 hours or so, I grew to like Cayce. Because then on Sunday, Chris and I saw Megan and Cayce. I'm tempted to call it a double date for lack of a better term. I HAD A BLAST, I was still a bit shy at first but I definitly got into it. I managed to lay on Cayce's stomache and her on mine and that jsut made me mighty happy and content. I almost got a head massage but she had to go. >< ><

I will be seeing her on Friday and Saturday, and am looking forward to it, quite a bit indeed. Getting to know Cayce better will make me ultra supra happy.

well, I'm off to Kolhs to get some new clothes, specifically Hawaiin shirts :P

~May the Force be with you~

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